"One Perfect Part at a Time"

Home Brew 2

HB2 Action

I ran some Lithophanes this evening. I realized I had my iPhone in my pocket so I grabed a short segment of the HB2 in operation.

What you need to note is the quiet operation with the Taig spindle running at 10.600 RPM and the bit cutting at 50 IPM (Inches Per Minute). Most of the noise is the cutter in the Corian solid surface material making the 0.10 to 0.20 depth cut. If you listen carefully you can also hear the higher pitch “chirping” of the z axis stepper motor. I am “eighth stepping” the motors so it takes… Continue reading

Smooth Sailing

I ran an 8×10 Lithophane yesterday which required a few minutes over 3 hours of continuous running on the HB2. Not a single glitch. It sounded and ran so good I was able to do a lot of regular work around the shop, like cleaning up.

The sound level is extremely low with the Taig spindle and the new tune up with the finer microstepping. Now the loudest sound is the cutting of the router bit through the material. No problem with normal level conversation right next to the operating machine

Most owners of these machines are using small wood routers. They do a great job… Continue reading

So Smooth

I put a little spray of my very special grease behind the thrust bearings on the HB2. Not hard to do as it goes in as a thin spray foam and quickly congeals into grease. A double shot behind every thrust bearing was perfect.

HB2 runs like a new machine! Wow, it is really more effective than I imagined. I just ordered a mini grease gun with this brand of lube to use on the linear bearings. Good stuff!

Still a Drag?

I had a great weekend. I had to mow the grass but that is expected and still makes for a great weekend. For this Blog it was great because I got to put a lot of run time on the HB2. About six hours in total.

I even ran the Mayan calendar in a 7.75″ diameter on some Corian. I’ll post some pictures soon. The detail was excellent.

I think I may still have a little drag on the axis screws. It didn’t bother the CNC work this weekend. I have some spray bearing grease I will inject behind the… Continue reading

HB2 Bearing Replacement (X – Axis)

Here is how I trimmed the Axis screws for the added thickness of the thrust washers (bearings). They are really being used as washers to keep the screws from impinging on the bearing seals.

I thought I might have to protect the screws when in the lathe chuck but I discovered clamping firm but lightly did no damage. Also the screw nut never gets that far down to each end of the screw. I generally use aluminum cut from a soda can for protection when needed.

I was surprised to see the “juices” leaking from the far… Continue reading

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