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Looking Ahead 2012

I offer a little machine shop rambling today. It’s getting close to the end of another year so I have been taking stock of what I have accomplished this year and what I need to be thinking about for the next year.

One big item is my operation of the “The Hobbyist Machine Store” website store. I already have written that I dropped one of the “me too” product lines. The store is too small to be a good income producing venture. I would have to say it financially compares to being slightly better than leaving my money… Continue reading

Proxxon Removed From THMStore

I shut down the Proxxon product line in my eCommerce site, The Hobbyist Machine Store, (THMS). It is just the best business decision I can make under the circumstances

Nothing wrong with the product. The PD400 lathe and all the other Proxxon products are just wonderful machines. The biggest problem is it is what I call a “Me Too” product line. I am not the only store offering the product. The only thing I have to offer is a reduced price from MSRP and actually try to meet or beat the “street price” of other vendors.It’s a premium product and… Continue reading

MBS115/E Micro-Bandsaw Update


MBS115/E Micro-Bandsaw

MBS115/E Micro-Bandsaw

I received a question about the Proxxon Micro-Bandsaw MBS 115/E  I have in my workshop and used to offer in the store. This is an update after using it for a few years so I thought I should share my reply with everyone (anyone who reads this blog) 🙂

” I like my saw. I use it a lot with the bi-metal cutting blade. I have cut many rather thick (1″) parts (in brass) and cutting 1/8 inch brass or aluminum plate is easy. These parts are for the A3 switcher I am slowly working on.

However, it… Continue reading

A Change at THMStore

The change is THMS is going to manufacturer many of the products it sells. The Hobbyist’s Machine Shop will be refined and improved as necessary into a higher volume work shop in order to enable production runs of some finely crafted products we have long considered making. These products will then be offered for sale through our e-commerce store or perhaps regional sales representatives.

The Hobbyist Machine Store (THMS) is an Internet e-business. The initial mission statement of the business was to provide replacement steel gears for the popular Asian made mini lathe and mini mills. THMS next expanded its… Continue reading

Taig Micro Lathe

I think the Taig micro lathe is far often overlooked as a viable lathe for the small parts hobbyist. It is an excellent choice for the miniature and small size model maker. The only thing considered missing by big lathe pundits is the powered feed and thread making ability.

The factory power feed has recently been added as an option. For many years hobbyists have added their own feeds – motor powered, complex gear powered and CNC versions. I have not seen the Taig powered carriage feed but assume it is motor driven. I have requested information… Continue reading

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