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CNC Mill Backboard Installed

I got the backboard installed today. The afternoon was bright and sunny and the temp was cool. Somewhere in the 80’s. Just right for working in the shop.

CNC Backboard

The white material is available a Lowe’s. It seems to me mostly a plastic but somewhat like Linoleum. I was able to cut it with large sheet metal shears. It is attached with liquid nails. The corners are caulked. The material has a pebbly but shiny surface.

In the store Lowe’s built a booth using this material. It is where they wet cut ceramic floor tiles. It is holding up very well to the wet saw use. So it should be great for this application.

I expect the chip pan to show up next week. – Dan’l

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  • My gosh Dan …. what is taking sooooooo long? I’m about to explode with anticipation …. this is as bad as waiting and watching for the water to boil!

    But it will be worth it!


  • Yeah, I know what you mean. 🙂

    I have turned the mill slightly clockwise and it seems to fit better. The X stepper extends past the right edge of the booth when he table is fully right. I want to see how much space the chip pan will require before I bolt it down.

    I was running the pattern for the A3 driver in wood on Sunday. The machine was flawless but I can’t say the same for the M code. Back to the drawing for a new generation of code…


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