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Slipping and Rolling

Uh… well not quite the same as rocking and rolling. The music is different.

Actually what I did today was order a new tool. It is a 12 inch (baby) set of slip rolls. Hence the title. What’s a slip roll? I know because I grew up in a family that always had a sheet metal shop… or two… would you believe three?

G7148A slip roll is used to form sheet metal into a slight curve all the way to a complete cylinder. It can also be used to form cones, scoops or funnel shapes. Most slip rolls have small grooves at… Continue reading

Small Benchtop Machining

I see a slow growing trend of the hobby light duty machine shop in the United States. There is a definite niche for the smaller size high quality high speed machines that are fairly common in the European hobby market. This includes such brands as the Proxxon, Prazi and Emco and others. The English Myford is on the small list. Also included are the US brands of Sherline and Taig. I am talking about small machine tools that are ready to work right out of the shipping box.

Massive slow machines ARE NOT necessary to build accurate, light weight hobby machined… Continue reading

What I Saw

I see lots of things, sometimes more than I wish. The same goes for hearing but I can feign deafness like Walter Mitty (ta-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa) and drift into a 2nd life fantasy world. Some folks may understand… I think they call it a hobby. (Just kidding, honest!)

What I saw is wood. Just another comment here of what woodworking is like when one uses a very accurate and powerful table saw. The Powermatic almost makes me want to give up metal work and build furniture. Well, I still do that without giving up anything.

I ripped some wood for the remodel… Continue reading

Toolin’ Along

Proxxon PD400I have it! I just received the Proxxon PD400 mini-lathe. Here it is setting on the workbench. The Dr. Pepper can is placed there just as a size reference.

This machine is a very high quality Austrian made machine tool. I am currently working on a “First Look” report for THMS including lots of close up pictures. Test running will come later.

This machine runs a 100mm (4 inch) chuck which gives it great home shop useability. My Lathemaster for example is also a 4 inch chuck.

For now let me just say this is a very serious… Continue reading

Good Deal

I am kicking off the start-up of The Hobbyist Machine Store. To get some names on the customer list I am offering a limited time oportunity. There is a post over in the TEDEX Forum under the THMStore forum heading explaining everything. Non BBS members will have to join to see what it is all about. I won’t go into detail again here.

I also need someone with a standard mini-mill who wants to convert to all steel gears. For that lucky single person I have a truely great offer.

I am beginning to wish I had more time to… Continue reading


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