"One Perfect Part at a Time"


Progress Peek

I am spending a lot on mental energy and linear time developing what will be a really cool controller for the Taig Micro-mill. I want it to be a solid option for my customers who buy a Taig CNC ready mill from me and want a complete system. Read “Sneak Peek” previously.

I don’t plan to make a nickel on this controller. I can personally build an even better one if I wanted to but there is no need for a “better” one. The new one is top notch. I also do not want to be in the business of supporting… Continue reading

G-Wizard Update

No, this is not a user update report on the software program G-Wizard. It is still a great CNC must have application.  I just did a new update to my personal copy that I have been using for more than a year with several previous updates. Look here for the original  REVIEW. G-Wizard just keeps getting better. What I want to mention is just a little quirk in this latest upgrade.

I ran the new update without deleting the existing program on my computer and got the install error message as is described on the G-Wizard update… Continue reading

Armchair Machinist

That is a term I used to read or hear a lot. Substitute whatever hobby or profession you like after armchair. They all mean the same. It refers to that fact that there are people who go out and “do” and then go publish about their real experience. Then there is whole bunches more folks that enjoy reading a book or magazine in a comfortable armchair about those active folks who are doing the doing, and then the reader lives that activity vicariously.

I cater to that armchair adventurer with my workshop web sites and blogs. That makes me a… Continue reading

Rhino Crazy

I have spent the last couple of weeks deciding what I was going to do to upgrade my CAD/CAM software. Not the software I use for Over Head Routing. I have one of the best for my purposes and cost restraints in the form of Vectric  Aspire.  I use it a lot and always find new things I can make or design using it. Aspire is not going to go away for something better in its class for a long time.

As the title suggests my struggle has been what do I do with my aging (over six years… Continue reading

Thinking Small for 2012

I am investigating very intently the world of very small CNC machining. I am looking at small items such as mold machining for model parts and jewelry sized items using very small milling bits and high speed spindles. Actually I should call it CAD/CAM/CNC. It is far more than running the CNC mill.

I also looked at micro machining but that is a very high tech world that is still outside the needs and abilities (and machinery) of the personal machinist. It is truly amazing what can be done in the very tiny micro machining. I am not going there.… Continue reading

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