"One Perfect Part at a Time"


New Look

If this is not your first visit, you notice the look of this site has been refreshed. The content hasn’t changed but there is now a family resemblance between the THMS blog (here) and The Hobbyist’s Machine Shop.

They always work together and now they look like they belong to each other.

This blog site runs in a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress and the Web site uses a CMS called Joomla. Conveniently I have a site design tool named  Artisteer that permits me to share a site design between CMS systems. Some background info, but you… Continue reading

How to Cure a GAS Problem

I ran across an interesting read in a Photography blog called F/8 (f-stopeight.com) written by Olivier Duong. I had an immediate impression about his style of high contrast B&W photography. I think it is interesting but just not my bag. It works for him and that is all that matters.  What I do like is what he has to SAY in his blog about photography and his case of GAS, and that is spot on.

His story is a line about Gear Acquisition Syndrome he acronyms to G.A.S. and having G.A.S. attacks. What he writes about is using “Self… Continue reading

What a Workout!

I just spent about 100 man-hours doing a total overhaul on “The Hobbyist Machine Shop” web site. The site has been in existence with constant updates for about 10 years (a decade!). I decided it was time to set a new standard with a fresh look and feel. Actually it doesn’t look all that different from the original as I was not about to start from scratch.

Previous articles here in the BLOG cover the essentials. I have changed from a static website to a dynamic Content Management System. The background operation is very much the same as… Continue reading

The Hobbyist’s Monster Soup Update

The last couple of posts indicate I am doing an update on my “The Hobbyist’s Machine Shop”.  I am half done with part of it. Ha!

I have decided I am going to convert the entire old website into the new CMS style. It’s been great fun reliving all those old projects and there is still a bunch more to go in the WORKSHP and VISITORS tabs, a lot more. The web site is OVER 10 years old and I am discovering the several different styles and three editing programs I used.

PHP and CMS are still very… Continue reading

The Monster That Ate My Machine Shop

New THMS front page sneak peek

Sneak Peek

“What have I done? What have I created? It’s too late now. It lives, it is ALIVE!

Uh, well it’s just an update to “The Hobbyist Machine Shop” website. It is just starting to take on a life of its own. I was expecting it would.

I am moving the old pure HTML website into a PHP coded, MySQL database assisted, Content Management System (CMS). I documented my intention and provided more information in a previous post.

As of this post I have the new monster breathing and it can be viewed live at… Continue reading

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