"One Perfect Part at a Time"


Everything Under Control

Good news for me is 2008 is a great new year. I have been struggling a long time on how to combine my many technical and mechanical interests into a retirement business venture that first of all I can do (with my CMT disability), second enjoy some creativity, and lastly bring in some income. The shining light of opportunity has been with me all along. I experienced an epiphany when I started doing simple wood carving. The revelation is computer controlled carving and engraving.

I have been literally playing with a lot of variations and combinations of my skills with computers,… Continue reading

See and Seeing

I have committed myself to taking a fresh start and doing some more CNC work. The reason being is I have discovered some projects I want to do that will provide new products for The Hobbyist Machine Store. They will be best produced through CNC repeatability. The store has proven to me that I must produce my own product. Exclusivity is the key to success. My products may be similar to others but will never be the same.

I am doing some minor rebuild on the original homebuilt CNC gantry style engraver shown here, primarily a solid mount for the… Continue reading

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