"One Perfect Part at a Time"


Missing RhinoCAM

I received the update to Rhinoceros 4.0 yesterday. It loaded into the MS Vista OS just fine. When first booted that worked fine. However, after clicking on a few axis quadrant displays (this is a 3D drawing program) there was an obvious problem. Various quadrant screens would black out. Ugh! I was sure this was a known problem and I expect first releases will usually have some bugs. Vista is certainly no easy beast to tame first time out. There were already two updates to Rhino version 4.0. A quick trip to the Rhino website and after what seemed like… Continue reading

Late January Ramblin’

Dan in shopTexas weather is going crazy as usual. It is 32 degrees (F) and raining one day then 62 and sun the next which was yesterday. This morning it is 35 and semi cloudy. I know they say this in every place I have lived but, “If you don’t like the weather. just wait a day…” 🙂

Outside Christmas deco was taken down (finally) yesterday. When packing it looked like I cornered the market on outdoor extension cords. I use over 35 to run all the circuits on the computer controlled light system. The weather was perfect and my back feeling good… Continue reading

Everything Under Control

Good news for me is 2008 is a great new year. I have been struggling a long time on how to combine my many technical and mechanical interests into a retirement business venture that first of all I can do (with my CMT disability), second enjoy some creativity, and lastly bring in some income. The shining light of opportunity has been with me all along. I experienced an epiphany when I started doing simple wood carving. The revelation is computer controlled carving and engraving.

I have been literally playing with a lot of variations and combinations of my skills with computers,… Continue reading

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