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LinuxCNC – Tool Change (part 2)

LinuxCNCYowza! More to the tool change than I realized in LinuxCNC. The tool change routine exists in the latest available stock version of LinuxCNC but it is poorly implemented for a manual tool change on a hobbyist machine and unworkable as is, for an automatic tool changer.

The good part is that the bones are there. It is up to the user to hang some flesh on those bones.

LinuxCNC will respond to the tool change code installed in the Post Processor I mentioned in a previous post, by stopping for a tool change. But that is all it does.… Continue reading

LinuxCNC and Vectric Aspire

For a moment, I thought I may have made a small miscalculation in switching my HB2 CNC router to LinuxCNC.

I finished creating a detailed sign carving in Aspire using three different cutting tools to make the carvings. I have been using MACH3 for my controller for which Aspire has a post processor file that includes ATC, automatic tool change. Aspire does not have a post processor file for LinuxCNC with ATC.


There are two post processors for LinuxCNC in Aspire with no tool changing, one in inches and one in millimeters. I spent a moment thinking I might… Continue reading


LinuxCNCI did my homework with a lot of investigative reading and “Live DVD” testing. Today I made the commitment and installed LinuxCNC and the Debian real time Linux on the computer that operates my HB2 CNC router. It totally wiped out the Windows 10 OS (operating system) that was on that computer.

It was one of those “Popeye the Sailor” moments for me where he says, “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!” Then Popeye gulps down a big slug of spinach. For me it is a big slug of Linux. Ha!

There were several reasons and… Continue reading

Getting My Head on Straight

I had to make another Taig to PNJ (HB2) adapter plate. So I removed the Taig spindle from my HB2 to make a close examination of the adapter plate I had made for myself. The spindle and motor are very easy to adjust in height or remove from the HB2. There is one clamping screw that holds the Taig ER16 spindle on the black clamping plate. No worry, it is a very secure clamp.

Of course it is always a good idea to check spindle alignment after making major movements and what I had also done was… Continue reading

Some Like It Hot.

Zowee! It’s 95 degrees F. in the shop this afternoon. I have been working in and out of the shop most of the day. Mostly drawing things in Vectric  Software then running out to run them on the HB2. My biggest concern is proper cooling for the computer but it seems to be doing fine. They are short runs from 10 to 45 minutes. I am stopping now that we’ve hit the 95 temp in the shade. I don’t even want to think about working in the sun. The front porch also in the shade is showing… Continue reading

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