"One Perfect Part at a Time"


Thoughts on Miniature Machine Tools

I don’t own any large machine tools. I have often called my larger machines, the X3 mill and the LatheMaster, my midi sized machine tools. It’s not I don’t like larger machines; I just don’t currently need them. Someday I may but not so far for my personal use. To be honest there are some larger machines I would own if I had the work to support their use. That’s another story. See the last line.

I have smaller sized machine tools here in the shop that I use on a regular basis. Two popular American product lines are the Sherline… Continue reading

Dirty Lathe

Here is a picture I snapped of the Lathemaster just after I finished the Harley axle cap boring I described earlier. I keep my machines clean most of the time when they are not in use. I get a little gentle kidding from time to time from readers that I don’t keep my tools dirty enough.

They do when in use become a mess as you see. But I have a garage shop with a walk directly through the door into the main house. I am “permitted” by the house boss to make any mess necessary, but I know without spousal… Continue reading

A Boring Weekend


I had a good weekend in the shop. I bored out some axle caps for use on a Harley motorcycle. I didn’t create them, but the owner updated his ride to a new machine and the caps would not fit the new bike. All I had to do was use the Lathemaster and bore the stainless steel caps to the correct I.D. Each was a different size.

Next I set up another HB2 heat sink on the Taig CNC and let it run for four hours. That got the motor side done on one blank. Then on Sunday I… Continue reading

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