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Heat Sinks Added to The HB2 Web Pages

The complete story on the construction and installation of the HB2 stepper motor mounts has just been posted to the THMShop web site. Click on “What’s New” in the first (left) menu “Site Tools” drop down. Then click on “HB2 Construction Section 4” The picture here gives some idea how good this project turned out. I am pleased with the results and I hope you like what you see.

I mention in one section of the web site display that I thought I might make these for sale. That is not the case now. At least not the way I made… Continue reading

HB2 Brain Box

Bare Bones Asus Computer

Bare Bones Asus Computer

I went into NewEgg and did a search for bare bones computers. That is a good start to build up an inexpensive computer. A bare bones computer usually includes the case, power supply and general purpose mother board. That’s an Asus bare bones case you see in the picture. The flat screen I already own.

I picked one that could use one of the dual processor AMD processors. Dual processors (on one chip) are the only way to go. I chose an AMD 64 Athalon X2 5000+ processor. The speed is 2.6 GHz. This is a… Continue reading

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