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How to Cure a GAS Problem

I ran across an interesting read in a Photography blog called F/8 (f-stopeight.com) written by Olivier Duong. I had an immediate impression about his style of high contrast B&W photography. I think it is interesting but just not my bag. It works for him and that is all that matters.  What I do like is what he has to SAY in his blog about photography and his case of GAS, and that is spot on.

His story is a line about Gear Acquisition Syndrome he acronyms to G.A.S. and having G.A.S. attacks. What he writes about is using “Self Talk” as a justification and it sure hit home with me. I experience self talk all the time, but I almost always talk myself out of the mistake.

I haven’t gone overboard on camera gear, but I easily could. I may be close to the addiction edge on machine tools, computers and other hobbies. In fact I see where what Oliver has to say reaches far beyond his world of photography to many other acquisition addictions.

I like that Oliver doesn’t knock gear acquisition per se, but only when it conflicts with his intention of becoming a great photographer. It’s a confession of a camera gear addict that has found a way back to sanity, like a recovering alcoholic.

His words ring true. GAS is an addiction and like all bad habits, can’t be erased, but they can be replaced with a different response.  Go read what he has written. Ignore he is writing about camera gear. You may as I did, see a part of yourself.

One Response to How to Cure a GAS Problem

  • Dan some great points and yes you are correct it applies to the home machine shop just as much as photography.

    I do have a slight variation of the GAS myself in that I make my own tools rather than buy them. However I recognised quite some time back that I really enjoy making tools, perhaps more than making things like models or sculptures. So for me I’ve just accepted that this is part of the hobby and get on with enjoying doing it. Making tools is the ends not the means.

    Workshop photography is something I definately need to improve on. Primarily I think I need to use a camera (rather than a smart phone) and better lighting. I already have a camera I can use and setting up some better lighting should be straight forward so it’s really about practicing and taking some time to take good shots.

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