"One Perfect Part at a Time"


My full name is Daniel Kautz. Well, that is not quite correct. There is an initial “D” in the center I can use sometimes and a long time ago I hung a Roman Numeral III at the end. On the web I sign off with Dan’l. That was given to me back in high school days by just one friend named Johnny. I just sort of picked it up again in web publishing.

I passed my 6th decade of existence. That means I sort of know the ropes and am still young enough to remember how to untie the knots. Age is only a state of mind but I am not sure which state I was in when I last used it!

I live in Frisco, Texas just north of Dallas. Everyone knows where Dallas is located. If you really want to know the location, just look it up on MapQuest. That is what I do.

I have read that there are 80,000 Blogs a day getting started. That means everyone is writing or learning how they operate. There is no one left to read them. What I or you say here in THMS or in Rambin’ Dan will probably remain lost forever. That’s OK.

I’ll take this open road of written communication where ever it wants to go. There are no rules at this point. I figure it will tie heavily into my hobby activities. Of those I have way too many. I can’t do a web site on each, but a Blog may be a very nice place to just chat about them all.

My work is interesting too. I am a construction services manager and energy engineer for an international energy savings management company called Schneider Electric. Look that up too… if you want. Every construction project with which I am involved is intended to save wasted energy. A single project can sell for under a half million dollars to over fifty million dollars. Paybacks are seven to ten years. A great and interesting business in which to be involved. Good for the world.

That’s what this is… about!


One Response to About

  • It’s funny, but even with a bazillion websites, gearhead and metal pushers all seem to find one another eventually.

    I’ve only been involved in machining stuff myself for the past year. I am a scientist in my day job, so I have been talking to machinists and getting things made forever, and it always looked like more fun than a person ought to have at work. (my job is like that too, so maybe I am just easily impressed).

    I love what you are doing. I don’t have the time to keep my blog up to date- scratch that, I have not made the time- but your stuff is quite inspirational. I am waiting on a rather substantial shipment of goodies from Nick Carter today, and plan to take a vacation day tomorrow to play and get familiar with it.

    Anyways, Dan, I really admire the time you put into this. I am always hearing about how manual skills are in decline, people have forgotten craftsmanship, blah blah woe is us. The internet tells me something different. Making a little noise about it inspires others, and I think that is a great thing.

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