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New Visitor Posted in THMS

I sold a Taig Micro-Lathe to Señor Alejandro Oliva Calzado in Madrid Spain. He was going to make some custom mods and set it up his own way. I asked Alejandro to send me a picture when he was done. Sure enough he did. That’s one of them here in this post. Go see the others here: THMS Link. Well done Alejandro!


Taig Wrench CNC

I shot a video this weekend showing a Taig spindle wrench being milled on my Taig CNC mill.

For best viewing go to… Continue reading

Getting My Head on Straight

I had to make another Taig to PNJ (HB2) adapter plate. So I removed the Taig spindle from my HB2 to make a close examination of the adapter plate I had made for myself. The spindle and motor are very easy to adjust in height or remove from the HB2. There is one clamping screw that holds the Taig ER16 spindle on the black clamping plate. No worry, it is a very secure clamp.

Of course it is always a good idea to check spindle alignment after making major movements and what I had also done was… Continue reading

CNC 4th Axis Update

The Taig CNC mill is closer to having its 4th axis operational. All that is really needed is to get the wiring completed. The tail post is not mounted where seen in the pictures. I was making adjustments to the height. You can see it is easily adjustable.

I will bolt down the tail post once I have an application where I need to use it. I now have the shims I need so a couple of bolts in the base and I’m in business.

When I have it running I’ll post a SHORT video to prove… Continue reading

4th Axis on My Taig

I did a lot of research on how to implement a forth axis on my Taig CNC mill. I had some wild ideas not to be discussed here <grin> but that is the enjoyment of thinking outside the box. In this case the box is a pretty good one so I finally dropped back into the conventional world.

The screw drive of the standard rotary table has a lot of benefits in this  4th axis application. There are a few limitations in the area of backlash (controllable) and rapid speed (not really necessary.)

With small mills like the… Continue reading

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